As the musical landscape flattens with the rise of internet music and the fall of the major labels more and more opportunities are created for new trends in music.  Genres multiply and morph into completely different sounds.  Electronic music in particular adapts and adjusts with every new technology that is introduced.  Our recent find The Synthetic Dream Foundation is very innovative in the noise they create.

synthetic dream

The Tampa, Florida based solo project is the brainchild of an individual that truly connects with the Arts.  The Synthetic Dream Foundation (TSDF) sound is a merge of classical orchestral music and contemporary glitchy electronics.  Remixes of other industrial artists have been common as TSDF masters their own original sound by using pieces that resonate into a quite futuristic sound.  Unlike a lot of electronica there’s a warmth in the somewhat dark sound due to the use of live orchestral instruments.

Earlier this week The Synthetic Dream Foundation released The EP The Witch King (1st Movement).  The 3 song EP is the first part of a trilogy, with a plan for 3 new songs being released every two months for the rest of the year.  The opener “In The Realms Of The Unreal” the dark and ominous tone is set with sounds washing all over the listener and a vocal track that builds into a force.  “The Human Harvest” is a more dancefloor friendly track with its dynamic beat pushing forward throughout.  The glitch movements will keep the listener guessing and interested to see what comes next.  The vocals here are the darkest part as they make a chill crawl down your spine.  On the closer “In Letters Of Black Night” there is a trailer type feel that twists and turns in and out of the background.  The changes will keep the listener’s attention fixed.

You can find out more about The Synthetic Dream Foundation at: and their recod label

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