The guitar as an instrument can play music in any genre you can think up but in my opinion there is no better sound for the guitar than the Blues.  There is a natural fit to the noise you can get out of an electric guitar to suit the whines and wails of Blues music.  We recently discovered a master of the blues guitar in Frank Fois.

Frank Fois

The journey began for the Italian blues singer, guitarist, and songwriter at the age of 3 when Frank first picked up the guitar,  The joy of creating blues music grabbed him immediately and he dove in full force to get better every day.  Frank Fois studied classical guitar at the Music Conservatory and soon was performing throughout Italy and other parts of Europe.  To truly immerse himself in the sound he moved to New York City and started jamming at such legendary venues as the B.B. King Blues Club, Terra Blues, Tammany Hall, and Red Lion.

Music has continued to stream out of Frank Fois and his guitar.  We had a chance to listen to some of his recent work and can see the skills that he has built up.  On “Five Long Years” he belts out earnest sounding vocals while shredding on guitar and making it bleed the blues with amazing speed fills.  On the instrumental “Out Of Reach” Frank lets the instrument do all the talking as he picks and bends with pinpoint accuracy.  The build ups and comedowns put your mind in a state of musical trance.  There is a huge feel to Frank Fois’ take on the Jimi Hendrix classic “Red House”.  This is a man that truly puts his emotion into his music.  If you think you can handle it go get a listen at:


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