Daniel Wilson EP Has Tons of Promise

Daniel Wilson

It’s not every day you find an artist who delivers unconventional rhythms with grace and ease, but Daniel Wilson does it effortlessly.

Not only do Wilson’s tracks make you dance, they make you listen.

Daniel Wilson Modernizes Soul, Disco, & Funk

Michigan based artist and producer Daniel Wilson delivers truth in his beats with single “Sinner of the Week,” a piece from his forthcoming EP with the same name.

While this track varies from “Wedding Daze,” the EP’s dynamic opening track, “Sinner of the Week” doesn’t disappoint. If anything it makes Daniel Wilson even more impressive.

These contrasting tracks show off his artistic versatility and impeccable range. “Wedding Daze” introduces us to everything from Wilson’s surprisingly mellow bass to intricate beats while “Sinner of the Week” shows Wilson’s artistry and takes us down to the disco with flowing beats reminiscent of Saturday night clubs with lyrics like calm Sunday afternoons.

This track gives off this honest energy with amazing finesse, mixing lyrical truths like “you burn those bridges and that’s not all / I’m gonna find someone to do me right” in between succinct, pop beats.

It’s not your average track — Wilson is almost preaching a musical gospel, saving your soul with hypnotic dance beats while he belts in an easy falsetto. But Wilson is not only giving us soul, he’s giving us this pulsing body of sound. He creates this energetic rhythm in an ‘80s pop likeness with a modern message.

Wilson’s sound separates him from mainstream soul in the most interesting way. The beats he uses are purposeful and unbelievably fantastic. Wilson’s harmonies stick together like glue. He turns what could’ve been a ballad into a danceable super song that makes it hard to sit still.

If these tracks are any indication of how the rest Sinner of the Week EP sounds, then we are in for nothing short of an electric experience.

Being a sinner never sounded like so much fun.

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