Dar.Ra is Back To ‘Rock Steady’


Staying power in this wild world we call the music industry is no easy feat. It moves fast and an artist must be willing to adjust with the punches. That does not imply just catering to trends, because those will come and go. But staying in the minds of the fans over time is paramount. One artist that is willing to share his journey and welcome everyone aboard is Dar.Ra.

The artist was born as Darragh J Brady in Dublin, Ireland and grew up in Brighton and London, England. This gave him a start of culture. This was followed by a music career on the road starting in the late 1990s. Dar.Ra was gaining the experiences to create his own career. 

His first solo album Soul Hours was released in 2010 and Dar.Ra was off to the races. Hits in Spain, the UK, and Australia followed as he was signed to EMI Records. Remixing and writing songs for other artists and films kept him exploring other parts of the music industry. But Dar.Ra never turned away from creating his own music.

Now Dar.Ra is back with a new solo album New Kinda Normal and an immersive lead single and music video “Rock Steady”. The dark energy of the song grabs the listener immediately. The attacking lyrics paint a picture for us as the melodies wander with anthemic guitar effects. 

The accompanying video was inspired by the classic film American Werewolf in London, but now we get a first-person view of the creature is terrorizing NYC on a crazy night out. Music and Video pair well here. 

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