If you tracked my musical past you would find a time in the late 90’s, early ‘00s, where I was really into club music and the partying that revolved around it.  Great times, but I couldn’t keep up that lifestyle for too long, watching friends get a little too deep into the dark side of it.  I do remember those times fondly though and often listen to old music or try to find new music that reminds of those days.  It usually takes me going overseas now, but I found an artist today that hits exactly my club music hot button.  Please welcome Dataphiles to the IBG playlist.

He describes himself as an independent music producer, sound designer and Reaktor wrangler.  He loves his experimental sounds.  Dataphiles is also an amateur scientist fascinated by the way people react to the world around them.  (So it’s not just a clever name) With his wild electro beats I am sure he has caused some reactions with his music that were very entertaining to watch.

Dataphiles latest album Large Hadron Kaleidoscope was released last week and I am very glad we were able to get it into my hands so quick.  I could definitely see Dataphiles tracks being used back in the day as my ecstasy filled brain was preparing to burst.  No cheesy vocals and constant bass drops, just beats and gLitch house that force you to bounce your head and then your entire body.  This is a record that you can listen to from one end to the other, with each song blending into the others well.  A favorite of mine is the song ‘Shem’ that takes your mind through a roller coaster of sound.  As soon as your body gets used to one tone, Dataphiles switches it up and takes you for another ride.  There is so much going on in every song that your head just wants to explode.  Some comparable artists would be a slightly less electronic Daft Punk or a less dark Aphex Twin.

Bottom line: This album makes for a good time and I recommend preparing yourself a safe place to listen to it and go get it here:


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