There are so many struggling musicians out there working hard to make great music and get it heard.  Some work harder than others.  Today I was introduced to one hard working man.  John Hickman is singer/songwriter from Washington State that breaks the mold by effectively “rocking out” by himself.  Forget your preconceptions of a boring guy sitting alone on stage with a guitar on his lap.  John shows that alternative rock can be achieved all by yourself.  No excuses!

John Hickman got started a little late in life but has been hard at work since 2008 creating quite a diverse portfolio of music, from acoustic folk to mellow adult-alternative to full on crowd moving rock and roll.  So far three songs have completed mastering with a bunch more to be released soon I am told.  The standout so far has to be the moody ‘What Would You Do?’  It is a song that really shows all of John’s multi-talents.  From haunting vocals to a driving drum beat to very interesting guitar solos, this is a complete song.  ‘Escape’ is a piano driven rock song at its soul with a dark feel, reminiscent of an alternative rock take on a Coldplay song.  Smooth guitars and a strong note holding voice help carry the song.  The more mellow folk type song ‘Passing Thru’ could be played by John in a dark, smoky corner of any beer guzzling bar.  He really wakes you up at the bridge with a powerful rock out before smoothing the song back out with another low key verse.  The song has its ups and downs that keep you interested throughout the 5:13 of the track.

This looks like a good start for a man determined to get better and better at his craft.  The mixes are relatively solid and I feel are only going to refine as time marches on.  Perseverance makes for a good teacher and John Hickman has plenty of that.

Keep looking for more from him and check out what is out there now at:

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