We are always looking for music that has that “something different” quality.  That sound that you can’t really describe in words.  That is what keeps music fun and interesting.  We found a band today that fits this non-existent mold very well.  Prepare yourself for DRUNKSOULS.  Their bio starts with: Punk spirit, Rock culture, Reggae sound.  Try to combine all that into one and you get their almost indescribable sound.

DRUNKSOULS have been around since 2002 and consider themselves indie reggae rock.  The band is from Marselle, France and is real enough to use French vocals for some songs instead of forcing English into everything they write.  The core members and song writers of the band are Djamil Ramdane on vocals and Julien Mur on guitars.  They are accompanied by a host of characters on keyboard, bass, and drums as well as trumpet and trombone, only adding to their diverse sound.

The band’s latest release Revolution is 16 tracks utilizing every one of their many influences.  The songs roll from rock and electro to funk and pop but are always based in the smooth grooves of reggae.  Mixed in with the poppy hooks are political, emotional and often funny messages.  It is always great to see a band that has no fear to speak their mind.  The song ‘Lust’ has a great reggae beat that you would expect to hear on a Caribbean island while staring at half naked women.  The lyrics creep into your head as you realize the song is pretty sexual.  Now I really want to be on that island.  I can’t understand the French lyrics of ‘Sullivan Song’ but I can definitely rock out to the powerful and very danceable sound.  The title track, and my current favorite, ‘Revolution’ has a spooky keyboard start with rap-like vocals before bursting into a true rock song.  I even had a flash of hearing Maroon 5 at one point in this one.  Never fear, the reggae comes through at times as well staying true to their roots.

The DRUNKSOULS are starting to get the recognition they deserve with over 100,000 downloads of their debut album mainly through word-of-mouth promotion.  Their video for their song ‘Human Race’ has over 250,000 views and features the Skyliners, a French adventure team who specialize in highline tightrope walking, base-jumping, and mountaineering.  Crazy stuff!  Watch it here:


And stream the full Revolution album at:


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