Dave Bass Expands With ‘The Trio, Vol 1’

Dave Bass

Anyone who has ever taken even a few lessons on piano can appreciate the amazing sound it can create. There is a beauty to the feel of hitting keys in varying combinations to make music. Many people will fall off when it gets difficult (or when their parents stop making them take lessons, lol). The ones that continue, get deeper and deeper into crafting amazing music with the instrument. Dave Bass is one such artist.

It all started in Cincinnati, Ohio with piano lessons at age seven. Dave Bass was accepted into Berklee College of Music in Boston and went on to study piano under the legendary Madame Margaret Chaloff. He developed into an accomplished pianist, composer, and lyricist with adventures playing around the world. 

A wrist injury, law school, and a career as a California Deputy Attorney General took Dave Bass away from his piano exploits for a few years but he has returned and now is back with a new album The Trio, Vol 1. Combining with Kerry Kashiwagi (bass) and Scott Gordon (drums) as the official Dave Bass Trio has taken him in a new direction and appreciation for the jazz art form. 

The 12 track album pairs some of the most influential songs with 5 new originals. The opener “Un Poco Loco” shows Dave Bass’ affinity for the Afro-Cuban sound. His aggressive piano playing struts up and down the keyboard with a dance-like flair. The energy is intoxicating. This continues with a classical throwback on “Bud On Bach.” After some extraordinary J.S. Bach influenced piano talent shown in the opening minute, the trio comes in for an expansion into Jazz. Hundreds of years of musical influence in one track.

The Dave Bass Elegance of ‘Mean Johnny’

True elegance comes in on “Mean Johnny” as a soft piano intro gives way to an all out explosion in sound with some amazing drum fills. The afro-cuban rhythms can be heard here as well. The energy turns back up with “Nice Home” with each band member adding their skills to the mix. Your heartbeat will pick up as your head bops along. This speeds up even more on “Trinkle Tinkle” as Dave Bass tickles the ivories.

The album closes with a darker feel on “Vashkar.” There is some space in the mix allowing for the listener to think and truly absorb the sound. There is a lot going on here with multiple directions to be taken. Multiple listens may be necessary.

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