Harry Hudson And Jaden Are “Mad Enough”

Rising star Harry Hudson, 28, has recently released the single “Mad Enough.” The song is from his sophomore album Hey I’m Here For You. Hudson is a singer and an activist. The album shares a name with the Hey I’m Here For You Teen Lounge at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. As an ambassador for Teen Cancer America Hudson took point on the project. The lounge is a space where young adults undergoing cancer treatment can pursue their passions.

Hey I’m Here For You, the album, finds its focus around the topic of supporting others when they most need it. This theme clearly resonates for Hudson and it can be easily picked up on in “Mad Enough” and it’s connected video. Hudson’s music has been described as worldly, and “Mad Enough” seems to straddle the definitions of the word.

Watch the video for “Mad Enough” below

The song as a whole is slow and pensive. Hudson’s voice is steady, placed over a simple atmospheric beat with occasional melodic details. The lyrics seem to tell the story of two friends caught in an in-between state. They’re fighting, but even then the speaker is not mad enough to go above the songs sad and mellow tone. The music video is simplistic and shows two friends played by Hudson and his friend Jaden speaking on the phone and then having a conversation in person. Whether they are making up or saying goodbye seems ambiguous, left for the viewer to decide.

All together “Mad Enough” is hardly a standout track. The instrumentals are clean and well written, but hardly gripping and the lyrics are down to earth and relatable but hardly move to emotion. However, the song has all the ground works of something good, and hopefully Harry Hudson will gather those pieces together to make some truly stand up tracks for the full album.

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