DEAD RAPPER CLUB Rises ‘Three Times’


Creating music does not always have to be some big cerebral undertaking requiring hours and hours in a big studio. Some of the best music ever has come to musicians quickly and has been recorded just as quickly to get it to the masses. Our new discovery DEAD RAPPER CLUB has found a process that works for them to get their music out.

The project is a collaboration between talented rappers Dust and Milc. The duo gets together with some cold snacks by Montucky (that’s a beer for those of you not in the know) and pours thier hearts into creating the best rap bars they can before the buzz wears off. Then DEAD RAPPER CLUB finds some beats that seem to work and ties it all together. 

The highlight of thier new 16 track self titled DEAD RAPPER CLUB record is “Three Times”. As they describe it, the track came together by happenstance. Everything was done in one take. The song was written, recorded, and mixed in under an hour. Fate stepped in to make this one happen. 

The flow has a story that draws the listener in to follow where it goes. The beat grooves along keeping it simple with a back and forth tone that forces your head to bop in unison. Sometimes it all just comes together. DEAD RAPPER CLUB just dives in and raps their asses off without any meaning in mind. The result speaks for itself.

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