Continuing the worldwide search for great music has led me to some interesting places.  The truth is that there is phenomenal music in every country if you take the time to look for it.  Today we ventured into the unheralded country of Scotland to find the next great alternative rock band.  What we found was the Dead Sea Souls.

Hailing from West Lothian in Central Scotland, Dead Sea Souls has built themselves up as the go to rock band to support the largest acts playing in the country.  They are known for their high energy performances and their crowd engaging anthems.  Their sound is hard to pin down as it has elements of alternative rock mixed with dashes of funk, indie rock, and even disco.  The band consider themselves working class heroes and try to bring that Friday night after work feeling to each of their shows.  Lead singer Gary Burns says “we are mainly a band that puts everything into our live performances and we believe we have delivered exactly that on this upcoming album, with a few extra special treats”.

Now the Dead Sea Souls are ready to introduce themselves to the world with their debut album, We Were Always Electric, on Big Rock Candy Records.  The energy transfers well to the album on songs like ‘My Problem’ and ‘Punk B-Side’.  Bouncy alt-rock songs that are sure to make a crowd move.  Dead Sea Souls are able to slow it down as well with the heartfelt ‘Six’.  Burns really shows off his vocal skills on this one.  If I had to compare them to another band I would lean towards The Hives or fellow Scots Franz Ferdinand.  The highlight track of the album has to be the lead single ‘Trendsetter’.  The song grabs the listener right away with its sing along feel.  The song is raw energy from start to finish.  It is also has some real meaning to the band as a reaction to the exclusivity of the local band circuit in Scotland.

Bottom line: We Were Always Electric by Dead Sea Souls is a great overall record that could fit in well with any alternative rock playlist.  Go check them out for yourself at:

And give the record a listen at:

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