How do two Englishmen and a Peruvian drummer end up in a powerful indie rock band in Madrid, Spain?  I don’t know either, but let’s delve into the band Deadman to find out.  Their influences are diverse – ranging from the darkness of Bauhaus and Joy Division, to the elegance of Radiohead, the ingenuity of Ash, and the dirty punk of the Pixies.  Mixing this all together with three men in a foreign land can create something quite exotic.

Their latest album is a self-titled work called Deadman, a dark album with everything from crushing guitar tones, to deeply personal lyrics, to a rhythm section that pulls you along almost hypnotically.  The song ‘Mantelpiece’ for example drags you on for over 3 ½ minutes with just haunting lyrics and a lone guitar picking at three chords before it erupts into an explosion of raw power.  The punch in the face sits you up straight in your chair as you listen intently for the rest of the 7 minute anthem.  ‘Gorgeous Waste Of Time’ is another standout track that takes you through many of Deadman’s diverse influences.  You can hear Joy Division and The Pixies swapping verses and choruses almost at will.  Other song titles such as ‘Without Me You’re Nothing’ and ‘Hating’ let you know what you are in for when you push play on this record.

Deadman’s songs all sound as if they are ready to fall off the cliff into a rage at any moment.  This walking on the edge can be beautiful at times.  The songs are very relatable even if you would never personally have the balls to express these feelings for yourself.  Never personally being in Spain, it is good to know that Madrid has some true power rock bands to keep them connected to the rest of the music world and not just sexy flamenco dancing in the streets.

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