Death.wav offers Judgement on “Suzaki’s Verdict”

Suzaki's Verdict

In the current music industry, one of the best ways to keep the momentum going is to keep releasing new music. Staying in front of your fans will keep them wanting more. Our friend Death.wav has been keeping up with his end of the bargain with his newest release “Suzaki’s Verdict”

The Massachusetts based artist may be young in years but has but the time and work into the music craft. Death.wav has been producing for a while before diving into rapping and experimenting with different sounds. The uniqueness that he has built has attracted some attention.

The latest release by Death.wav is “Suzaki’s Verdict.” The mellow open has a smooth Jazz sound but very different. We learned that it is a Japanese Jazz sample. No drums are heard to let the smoothness flow. The vocals come in to switch it up some more. There are some interesting effects on them to keep the listener focused on what is going on here. Robotic yet unique. 

Death.wav is in his own lane and moving fast. Keep up with him here:

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