A musical career can get started in the most unlikely of ways in a random act of musicianship.  But once the music has its hold on you there is an undeniable draw to create songs and express yourself.  An example of someone who has followed the call of the music is our discovery Derek James.

Derek James

The singer songwriter hails from New York where he is currently based but his musical story started at an open mic on the other side of the world in Australia in 2003.  After that impromptu performance the love of creating music only grew and Derek James has been at it ever since.  The journey continued in France where he formed a band and performed everywhere from the clubs of Europe to busking on the streets.  After returning to NYC Derek focused on composing music for film and television and has had his music featured on MTV, VH1, Lifetime, A&E, and the Travel Channel.  Derek James has also remained part of the NYC music scene with his band The Lovely Fools.

Next week on April 14th Derek James will be releasing his sophomore full length album Take You Out Dancing.  The 13 track record is filled with an exuberant style of music that reeks of the passion for the journey that Derek has been on.  The opener “Won’t Be Long” is an alt-country tinged track that combines a bouncy beat with catchy guitar riffs and an assortment of other sounds of excitement.  He really has a way with crafting a groove as on showcased on the songs “Wave Your Flag” and “Like A Woman”.  There is a melodic beat that seems like it needs to escape his mind through his music.  On “Maggie” there is a soulful feel that sucks the listener into the story that is being shared.  The closer “Bright Days” and its acappella opening and rockabilly guitar shows Derek James can make any kind of music his current state sees fit.  Overall this is definitely a record that will get your toes tapping and head bopping.  Keep up with Derek James at: http://www.derekjamesmusic.com/


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