Life is a strange and wild journey especially for an artist.  Things can go perfectly right or totally wrong in the blink of an eye.  Sometimes a catalyst is need to guide the artist to the right path and to appreciate the gifts he has been given.  This is much the story of recent discovery Des Anthonisz.

Des Anthonisz

The singer-songwriter born in Melbourne, Australia to Sri Lankan parents has been in love with what music offered from an early age.  He dove in and over time became a talented singer and writer as well as being proficient on drums, guitar, and piano.  in 2014 Des was given the drastic news that a golf-ball sized tumor had been discovered in his throat.  In addition to the horrible news of possible cancer, the surgery to remove the tumor could potentially destroy his voice box effectively taking away the gifts he had been given.  As a way of dealing with this, Des Anthonisz decided to record all the musical ideas he had in his head at the time just in case things went wrong.  Thankfully the surgery was a success and his voice remained intact.

The result of those tough and emotional recording sessions evolved into Anthonisz’s debut EP High.  The 4 track album captures the talent and raw power of a man faced with the interesting journey.  The opening title track “High” lets his voice shine out in front of a pretty melody and heartfelt lyrics that truly mean something to the artist.  The ballad “Fragile Girl” is a slowed down song that will force any listener to lay back and try to take it all in.  There is such an emotional power to Des’ storytelling lyrics.  The closing “Last Goodbye” must have been a hard song to record but he somehow makes it seem uplifting and joyous even with the tough subject matter.

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