Dr. H Inspires With ‘The Time To Love Is Here’

Dr H

Many artists will step away from music while their life is evolving. Other opportunities will come up that will draw them away from creating songs. The music is always there though and is known to return later when time is more available for its creation. Dr. H has been around music for a long time but is finally coming back to write and record his own songs starting with the uplifting “The Time To Love Is Here”.

The career of Dr. Herbert Harris, a/k/a Dr. H, has been quite a storied one. He graduated from Columbia University and went on to be an attorney and well-known speaker. He is probably best known as an author though. Herber Harris wrote the artist blueprint How to Make Money in Music back in the late 1970s. The book is still sought after. 

After that, he moved more towards personal development and inspiration. The hugely successful The Golden Twelve Universal Rules for Achieving Success and Power Thoughts for Your Success were the catalyst for Harris to launch a long career as a motivational speaker and coach. 

Now at the later years of his life, Dr. H is returning to his first love. Music and songwriting. His new song “The Time To Love Is Here” is meant as a song to bring people together in love. The current state of world affairs is in desperate need of some positivity. Dr. H. is here to provide that hope with a fun and uplifting song that listeners will find themselves swaying along to. 

Dive in deeper to the song and Dr. H. (Herbert Harris) on his new WEBSITE.

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