Foolish Senpai opens up his soul on ‘Yami No Sekai’

Foolish Senpai

Inspiration is a wild thing. As an artist, you must be willing to let it come in from all the experiences around you. Listeners want to share in these experiences. Our recent find Foolish Senpai does just that with his unique style and sound.

Much thought was put into the selection of the Foolish Senpai moniker. The impressive hip-hop artist, aka Michael Curry, began his array into music in 2018 while living in Japan. He did the research to discover the word “senpai”, rooted in Japanese culture, relates to the “senpai-kohai system” which underlies nearly all relationships. Senpai (先輩) means “master” or “teacher”. Accepting his purpose as the Foolish Senpai has set him on his path into music. A path to encourage others while telling his own story through his music.

The latest release by Foolish Senpai is his Yami No Sekai EP. The 5 track record acts as an open book into the artist’s life. The smooth tone of the opener “Dark World” sets the stage for the listener to open their mind to the truths that are about to be shared. 

We Can All Relate to the Foolish Senpai

The mesmerizing piano intro of “Lately” continues this tone as emotional lyrics creep along laying it all on the table for everyone to venture into his world. Nyukyung and One-Z are brought in to flesh out the sound and provide verses. “For My Parents” lets us even deeper into the emotional story of Foolish Senpai.

This is truly an album of shared feelings. We can all relate to the darkness and pains that hide inside our hearts. The closer “Conquered Myself” lets even more of this out as Foolish Senpai opens up his thoughts about where he came from and how he worked through it all to reach the higher level he is at today. Inspiring!

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