There are talented musicians out there that music seems to just flow out of.  These artists have the ability to create music within many different genres.  They also have a passion to make music that drives them to put their heart and soul into it.  An example we found recently is Falcon Down.

Falcon Down

The brains behind the solo project is Daniel Childerley.  He has been making music for as long as he can remember in multiple genres from Ska to Heavy Rock.  Facon Down officially came into being in early 2014 and has had a goal of prolific songwriting ever since.  The main genre for this project is straight up alternative rock but you can feel the influences of many other styles throughout.

Falcon Down has taken on the impressive aim of releasing a full length album trilogy entitled Venez M’aider.  The first installment Mayday Mayday, Pt. 1 was released just this week officially on May 4th.  The 14 track record puts it all out on the table for all types of music lovers to enjoy.  The opening title track “Mayday, Mayday” starts off with a full allotment of punk rock energy to get the listener psyched for what is coming.  On “Droplet” he shows he can slow it down as well with a minimalistic acoustic track that will create a kind of schizophrenia in your mind.  There is a nice groove to “Mannequin” that creates a warm and cozy feeling within.  The harder rock mixes with the progressive on “Nevermore Pt. 2”.  The anger of the guitar tone turns on a dime as the happy go lucky “Second Best” follows.  This is obviously a man who can write music to suit any mood that pops into his brain.  Go enter the world of Falcon Down at:


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