FanHouse Launches New platform for Musicians


The music world continues to grow with hundreds of new artists, and thousands of new songs being added to streaming platforms daily. But as the amount of musical options grows, the fans are looking for something much smaller and personal. Fans can always find music to listen to but having a real connection with an artist has been an elusive dream. There is a platform out there trying to facilitate these connections and therefore grow the reach of the independent artist. Let us introduce you to Fanhouse.

The two year old platform has become a way for creators to effortlessly build, nurture, and reward their fan community. The traditional social media outreach to reach fans is dead. Killed off by greedy platforms, creepy algorithms, and non stop advertisements. With Fanhouse the creator is put back in charge.

After building the Fanhouse platform for all types of creators, the focus on musicians is now live. On November 7th Fanhouse for Musicians was launched. It combines the tools that already work great for other creators and combines them with new features designed in collaboration with musicians and their super fans. This could change the game for independent musicians. And bigger names like The Chainsmokers are already in board.

“Our social platforms became a projected ideal, and we lost intimacy with our biggest fans. Fanhouse is the platform we desperately needed.”


The Musician specific features include:

Alternative paywalls

It is a way to gather your top fans in one place without requiring a monthly subscription fee from your fans. Provide a secret passcode to your top fans (shouting it out at a concert, perhaps) which grants access to your Fanhouse community for free. Or a Spotify wall where fans will be able to connect their Spotify to your Fanhouse, and if you’re in their top 50 artists, they are granted free access to the insider community.

Listening goals

Getting streams is always one of the most difficult parts of a developing artist’s career. Listening goals is where you pick a song of yours and how many streams you’re trying to get to, and Fanhouse handles the rest. Fanhouse will generate an in-app, collaborative way for fans to work together to hit the goals. Team work makes the dream work. They track who participated to help you acknowledge and celebrate the fans helping you achieve your goals. This is what builds a true fan-artist connection. 

Community Contact Sharing

Whenever a fan joins your Fanhouse, they’ll have the ability to opt into the community contact list. Then, next time you want to send an email blast (new shows, music, pre-sales, etc) you can export your community contact list which includes your fan’s Fanhouse usernames and personal emails. Reaching them everywhere lets you get in front of them again and again. This repetition is what builds your brand. 

Fanhouse seems very committed to supporting artists and helping them achieve their goals. The team is very open to connecting with new artists and working together to build out even more tools. Just reach out to them.

Check it out for yourself at and tell them the Indie Band Guru sent you. Let’s continue building the independent music scene together.

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