Fatback Circus

The ability for a band to stay together as a musical team over years of struggle is often overlooked.  Being in a working rock band is a very stressful life especially if there are goals of greatness.  We have all seen the tensions that have caused breakups in some of the most successful groups in the world.  So when we find a band that has been doing it for 10 years and is still on the path to triumph we take notice.  Let us introduce you to Fatback Circus.

Fatback Circus

The band has been a local favorite on the Austin, Texas scene for years with their mix of modern rock with a classic rock feel.  The foursome consists of twin brothers, Nathan and Aaron Campbell on lead vocals and lead guitar respectively, as well as the solid rhythm section of Garrett Ross and Dalton Chamblee.  All four were born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma before making the move to center of indie rock in Austin.  Through their years they have performed alongside such notable bands as The Flaming Lips, Seether, The Presidents of the United States of America, and Default.  The band has developed over time even adding a horn section for a while but returned to the straight up rock four-piece that was always the heart of their music.

Fatback Circus has put out four full length albums including their latest self-titled effort Fatback Circus.  The 11 track record shows off all the musical directions the talented band can go in.  The opener ‘Robe Of Gold’ is a slow paced laid back song pushed forward by a single guitar and genuinely sincere vocal style.  The song is slightly depressing as it reaches into the listener’s soul.  It is followed by the peppy classic rock sound of ‘Let It Go’.  This is a song meant for the live setting and a crowd humming along to the sing along bridge of the song.  By the time the record reaches ‘18th Floor’ we are reminded of the talent of this band with Nathan’s vocals and Aaron’s impressive guitar work.  The rhythm section lays down a beat that mesmerizes at the same time.  With other tracks like ‘Angel-ess’, ‘Dust Bowl Blues’, and the closer ‘Back In Love’ we see the true diversity of the music that Fatback Circus can produce.

Go experience the band for yourself at:  www.fatbackcircus.com

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  1. Aaron

    Thank you so much for the great review! From what you wrote, it’s pretty obvious that you actually listened to the album, so I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again!