Fever Moon Take Us Deep into ‘Keepers Park’

Fever Moon

Good music will eventually find a way. Sometimes music can sit in your head or even on simple recordings for years before it has the opportunity to make it out to the world. Our recent find Fever Moon had the music sitting around unfinished, but like all good music it has now found a way to be professionally recorded and is set for release to the masses on November 4th, 2022.

Back in the late 2000’s Jay Holmes started gathering musician friends together to piece together a stack of home recorded demos. The goal was a professionally recorded studio album. Twists, and turns, and relocations happened and Jay found himself in Tokyo, Japan set to produce and release two full length albums this year. After finding bassist Nick Bello and drummer Darryl Baker to complete the project Fever Moon was born. Together they create a sound withInfluences from such 80/90s indie legends as The Replacements, Husker Du, and Soul Asylum. It quickly became clear that Fever Moon deserved to be a living breathing band and they began playing live at a series of Tokyo live clubs.

The first album set for release on November 22nd is called Keepers Park. The 11 track record was recorded at VoidLab Studios in Tokyo and mastered by Matthew Barnhart (Bob Mould, Superchunk). The opener “You” sets the tone right away, bringing us back to a time when indie rock was still underground and had a true feel to it. Raw and full of emotion. 

Lead Single ‘Rose’ from Fever Moon

The lead single “Rose” comes at us with real rock energy. However there is a smooth and mellow feel to it. American college radio sounds at their best. Vocals are delivered with true emotion. We can feel it throughout. We slow down on “Corpus Chris” but the emotion remains strong. Distorted and echoed guitars provide a boozy backdrop for an almost ballad-like feel… until the 1:40 mark when pounding drums come in to bring in the rock. Quite a nice mesh of sound.

The title track “Keepers Park” puts together the best of the classic indie rock genre into a complete song. Chugging guitars, straight rock beat drums, and emotion laden vocals delivered with a raw style that draws the listener in. An interested guitar solo here shows some indie experimentation as well.

The album closes with two versions of the power rocker “Midnight On The Mountain,” one in English and another in Japanese. Fever Moon wants to leave us with energy so the speed and power are turned up on this one. Even without understanding the verses on the Japanese version you can feel the power. We leave this record with our heads bopping and wanting more.

Dive into more music from Fever Moon and look out for the release of Keepers Park on their BANDCAMP.

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