Many people, including me, are not huge fans of the over polished music of today.  The use of technology is great but when it sucks out the realness and true sound of a band it has gone too far.  A band that agrees with our take is our recent find FEY.


Forming in Vancouver, Canada from pieces of already established local bands, Fey is a raw, in your face alternative rock band that makes no excuses.  From Sam’s screaming vocals, Jeff’s maniacal guitars, Taylor’s pounding basslines and Scott’s thundering drums the real power of the music shines through upon first listen.  The influence of the 1990’s alt-rock sound is evident but Fey takes it a step further with an explosive raw power that does not use any auto-tune or samples just as an attempt to meet the popular masses.

Earlier this month Fey released their album Bye Bipolar.  The 7 track record is a perfect introduction to the raw power that is FEY.  Straight from the opener “The Day We Meet” the energy reaches out and grabs you.  This must be an amazing band to see live.  The band seems to slow it down on “Replaceable History” with its mellowed out stoner feel.  Sam’s vocals stand out with his ability to change the tone of it from verse to verse.  The sound seems to come at you from all angles on “Grease Pit” with its jumpy vibe filled with emotion and anger.  This brought back memories of some of the grunge rock pillars of the early 90’s.  The closer “Compass” is an over 8 minute opus that creates an atmosphere of dark deepness.  This is meaningful music that builds into an explosive raw energy powerhouse that leaves the listener begging for more.

Please have a listen to Fey here and remember who introduced them to you first:


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