In today’s music scene the single has become more prevalent than anything.  Maybe it is due to the short term attention span of today’s “give it to me now” society.  A part of music’s past that has seemingly become lost is the power of the concept album.  Luckily our recent find Metro Expo is keeping the meaningful concept album alive.

Metro Expo

Metro Expo is the brainchild of Fred Marcoty.  Hailing from Belgium, the talented artist takes on multiple roles in the project.  It begins with songwriting to vocals to all instrumentation and then heads inside the studio where Marcoty handles the duties of producer, mixer, and engineer.  It is very evident that this is a passion for the man.  He seems to pour heart and soul into every song as well as his musical talent.

The newest work by Metro Expo is the concept album Metro Expo 1 due for release in the Spring of 2015.  The 10 song album takes on the concept of growing up from the eyes of a teenager that is not truly looking forward to it.  The tone is set immediately with the opener “What’s Going On”.  It is a skitchy electro track that builds to a roaring climax.  Metro Expo shows some diversity with the country-tinged “Out Of Sight”.  The vocals range as well from gravelly to smooth while horns come in to mess with the listener’s mind.  There is an interesting mix of sound on “While You Look Away”.  Picture a collaboration of Gogol Bordello and My Chemical Romance if you can.  The gypsy sound with operatic storytelling is quite interesting.  The full story comes to a close on “The Swan Lullaby”.  The mellow song lets Fred Marcoty truly share his introspective lyrics as the focus while the full spectrum of sound is filled with noise seeming to come from all directions. This is definitely an album to listen to from start to end to truly experience.

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