Filmspeed Proves They Are Not ‘Brain Dead’


Filmspeed is a band build on the power of classic rock with the new-age spirit of modern indie. Their style is one of alternatives, Filmspeed does not rely on the typical tunes that dominate today’s music. There is not a song that exemplifies this style more than Filmspeed’s new single Brain Dead. Perhaps evoking images of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, Brain Dead is smoother than typical grunge, yet carries the gritty poetry that grunge is known for.

Brain Dead, at its core, is a song about the bizarre reality of media’s ability to both connect and isolate us while also discussing our increasing hunger for finding something so completely human that it is perhaps even more human than us. It is also about release, it is raw and offers genuine catharsis to the listener.

Filmspeed’s artistry comes from a deviation from the status quo. They break new ground while working in unison to do so. Oliver Dobrian’s drumming creates a pulse, it is the heartbeat of the band. Nick Stout serves as the band’s bassist, his style expertly combining with Dobrian’s to create a stylish beat. The band’s vocalist, Craig Broomba, has a voice that seems to melt to the music. It is the passion that the band plays with that makes Brain Dead an impressive feat of artistry.

The band had the following to say about the brilliant production masterminds behind the single:

“This went straight to analog tape, old-school rock n’ roll style. Minimal overdubs, just vocals, and extra percussion, (you know, like sleigh bells and such). Mark at Station House in Echo Park really has that raw, vintage, and BIG sounding gear that feels cool even just hearing the playback. The producer on this track, Jason Hollis, is a true believer in both the rock and the roll. Anytime we get to work with him, we know it’s gonna be chock full of swagger.”

Filmspeed is a band that offers a sense of retro rock flare while also sounding fresh. There is nothing about Brain Dead that feels dated, instead, it offers a modern take on how the styles of rock and alternative can combine. The message of Brain Dead is one of how communication does not always equate to connection. This is the magic of the song. It is unwavering in its honesty while also giving the listener a call-to-action without telling them what to do. Filmspeed forces us to look at our society and then forces us to ask if that society is good enough for us.

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