The fin. Capture Energetic Tranquility

The fin.

There’s a certain trance-like state of mind that takes over when someone has found that pivotal moment of complete comfort; it’s a complex blend of energy and nothingness that is nearly impossible to replicate. Some find this comfort in their favorite “hiding spot,” a stuffed animal from childhood, or their favorite song.

On their newest album, Through The Deep, The fin. has managed to capture this feeling of comfort and transfer it into a five-track EP.

The latest release from The fin. equates this feeling of comfort with the ocean and creates a tranquil sound that leaves you feeling recharged as opposed to sleepy. There is vivid oceanic imagery used throughout the EP that highly influences the overall tone. The lightly-charged dream-pop EP creates a calming yet electric ebb and from beginning to end.

The fin. Revitalize Indie Dream Pop

Opener “White Breath” sounds like something you would hear over the credits of a great independent film. It’s calming yet it creates an unexplainable triumphant feeling that leaves you hopeful by the end. The vocals are distant and dreamlike, and are accompanied by equally entrancing and smooth electric guitar. The synths swell and shrink through the song, ocean waves flooding and receding from the shores of a beach.

“Divers” takes a lighter tone, with a sound that would be equal to a day on the water with a group of close friends. It’s the perfect mid-energy song that is ideal for cracking open a few beers on a boat and watching the sun sink into the water. This beautiful effect is crafted with slow, lazy guitar and a more dream-pop keyboard. The vocals arpeggio frequently, which adds to the quirky energy of the track.

The title track “Through The Deep” has a tone similar to “White Breath” but has more emphasis on the guitar and drums. It delves into the trance-like sound that The fin. is aiming for, and is uninterrupted by poppy synths. While it is one of the shortest tracks on the EP, the harmonized and repetitive vocals lend to a feeling of quiet longing. The feeling of a calm hope returns and recharges you for the final tracks of the EP.

“Heat” and “Anchorless Ship” leave the album where it began — a calming yet revitalized take on indie dream pop. While “Heat” has a play time of only 67 seconds, the slow, echoing of vocals, guitar, and synths gently carry you into the final track of the album.

From there, the 5:37 finale “Anchorless Ship” lifts up and emphasizes more of an uplifting pop sound. There’s a quirky, bubbling feeling to the song that gives you the final recharge you need to carry on after the EP ends.

The fin. has proven that indie dream pop can be dreamlike without making you want to snooze. The craftsmanship of relaxed and bubbling instrumentation and entrancing vocals on Through the Deep creates a light static that piques the interest of those looking for a mid-energy vibe and a refreshing take on an oft maligned indie sub-genre.

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