Fizzgigs Meet Their “Destiny”

The sweat and energy that bands exert when sharing the stage together is akin to the magic that ancient sages would conjure up in tribute to the gods, and in their new music video for “Destiny,” The Fizzgigs are intent on giving a worthy sacrifice to the creator of pop-punk. There’s no side plot, no external narrative, nor any real props to try and get past in this music video – we’re watching the band play with the kind of passion that only comes with a lifetime of appreciation for the genre, and their intensity is only the tip of the iceberg for those who crave real rock n’ roll this year. 

The Fizzgigs’ music video for “Destiny” isn’t the only cut and dry element of this release; the track itself isn’t bearing any of the synthesized lust that I’ve been hearing a lot of in pop-punk as of late, especially from hip-hop artists beginning to crossover into the genre on a more regular basis in the past year. While I love a hybrid as much as the next critic, there’s something special about the familiarly nonconformist attitude of this song, especially being that its puritan attributes have never sounded as rebellious as they do today. 

Watch the video for “Destiny” below

Punk rock’s undying spirit is living on brilliantly in “Destiny” right now, and if this is just a preview of what the Fizzgigs’ artistry is going to be putting out on the regular, they’re going to be a band that I want on my radar for the duration of their time together. Pop-punk has never received the credit it’s due for the authenticity of its artistic foundations, but with players as strong and talented as those comprising the Fizzgigs are, there’s no reason why that narrative won’t start to change – for the better, I should add. 

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