Versions of guitars have been around since the 12th century but there has always been attempts to improve it and take it to the next level as an instrument.  Some did this through inventing their own innovative playing style of the classic sound shaper.  One artist that we discovered recently has amazed me with his guitar inventiveness.  Get ready for some Flav Martin.

The Rhode Island native has dedicated his skill to writing eclectic acoustic music.  Flav (pronounced Flahv) Martin has found a way to use all of the instrument with intricate techniques creating some beautiful melodies that sound as if a full band is performing.  He has been playing for a long while and has performed with such musical luminaries as David Crosby, Jefferson Starship, Pete Best, and Wide Spread panic among countless others.  Diving his whole life into his artistic craft has led to the opening of his own studio Mojo, which has become a well respected stage and active art gallery.

Earlier this year Flav Martin released his first of 3 full length albums this year entitled Not What It Seems.  The 19 track record is a unique blend of rockin’ anthems, innovative guitar work and soulful lyrics.  To truly get a feel for what he does enjoy this video for the song “Soul Redemption”:

The album features everything from rockers such as “Shades Of Colorado” to more anthemic large songs like “Chameleon” and title track “Not What It Seems”.  Some true guitar talent is offered on the bluesy “When The Lights Go Out”.  Flav is a man that seems to be able to do whatever he wants with that 6-stringed instrument.  There is something for everyone here.  If you enjoy the guitar this is something you should check out:

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