Brooklyn’s own Sleigh Bells are stirring up some buzz again, right in time for the release of their 1st album Treats.  They have made the song ‘Tell ‘Em’ available as a free download on their website

Sleigh Bells – Tell ‘Em

Beware before you hit play, the song is like a punch in the face!  From the first electro double bass drum beat ‘Tell ‘Em’ has you reeling and off-guard.  Then the sweet vocals of Alexis Krauss lure you in further and you are hooked for good.

I love it when a band finds a way to fuse together different genres to make something powerful.  Sleigh Bells has done it with their heavy metal riffs mixing with electro dance club drum beats then a soft semi-rapping vocal in a voice that doesn’t seem to fit in, but oh it does.  One description of their sound that I really liked was Wartime Dance

Go get your free download of ‘Tell ‘Em’ now at  The new  album Treats will be out on May 11th.  Get your ass out there and get it!  And don’t forget to see them live when they come to your town.  It is a show not to be missed.

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