fubear.’s New EP “III” a Headbanger’s Dream


By Ibn-Umar Abbasparker of Indie Band Guru

The most prominent attribute of heavy metal is its raw, vigorous power. There’s no shortage of such power on the newly released EP III by Finnish band fubear.

With just a guitar, a bass, some drums, and bellowing vocals, this band displays a plethora of musically forceful strengths. At the same time, the grunge/stoner rock trio showcases a heavy, booming sound that’s guaranteed to shatter listeners’ eardrums. It’s almost unbelievable that mere instruments alone could craft such exciting, trembling tracks.

fubear. — Classic Metal Mayhem

fubear. was formed in 2012 in the quaint city of Jyväskylä, Finland. Its founding members are bassist/vocalist Santeri Karppinen and guitarist Martti Rasa, who recruited drummer Veli-Matti Österberg a year later to complete their lineup. Shortly afterward, they played their first gig and recorded their debut EP, First Time You’re Alive. In 2014, they released their second EP, Hopeless.

Now, after two long years, fubear. is ready to blow future listeners away with their third and most definitive EP, III, out now.

The first track “Half Alive” begins with a short burst of reverb before it takes off with a mix of driving guitar riffs and churning bass riffs. Throughout the song, Österberg unleashes a series of loud cymbal crashes and thunderous drumbeats. Then, between 2:07 and 2:37, Rasa delivers a short but fierce guitar solo.

Meanwhile, Karppinen unleashes his uniquely operatic vocal style, reminiscent of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and Judas Priest’s Rob Halford. It is best demonstrated when he holds a high note between 3:02 and 3:12 of the song.

The second track “Demons” opens with a somber bass riff that creates a very sobering mood. Drums soon make their appearance and combine with the bass riff to form a cadent, pulsating rhythm. Accompanying the rhythm are hi-hat cymbals and soft, steady guitar riffs.

That softness goes away at around 2:25 when Rasa shifts into a loud, expressive guitar solo. After the minute-long solo, the guitar riffs remain amped and noisy throughout the rest of the song.

Dynamic Soul of Metal

The EP’s title track “III” is the most dynamic song. It starts with pounding drumbeats followed by a short crescendo of feedback. Then, in unison, throbbing guitar and bass riffs enter, along with Karppinen’s vocals. After two minutes, the tempo changes from slow and smooth to fast and swift. The song’s sound becomes more jagged and frantic.

At 3:00, everything fades away except a sluggish, groove-laden bass line and resonating guitar reverb. Drumbeats re-enter and establish a new, more moderate tempo while a screeching, distorted guitar solo dominates the song from 3:30 to 4:42.

After the solo, the guitar riffs become puissant and vibrant for the rest of the song. Yet, they still contain a distorted aura. At 5:15, Karppinen’s imposing vocals appear again, along with groove-filled, rhythmic bass riffs.

When he sings his final verse, the last part of the song contains nothing but pure, edgy heavy metal. Here, the trio takes listeners on a sonic, ear-splitting journey. The song ends with a nice, long, echoing fade-out.

With their third EP, appropriately titled III, fubear. unveils an auditory assault of grungy, fuzz-filled noise. It’s deep, rousing, and sure to induce some serious headbanging.

Don’t believe me? Check fubear. out for yourself. Be careful with the volume, though.

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