Me And My Shadow – Classic Industrial Electro Rock

Me And My Shadow

There will always be an ever evolving amount of musical genres out there to attract all types of music fans.  This is a great thing and artists that are always experimenting to form unique, original music will continually find people that are searching for it.  There are great bands like Me And My Shadow blending genres to make something that is truly all their own.

The project that formed in 2013 hails from Kansas City, Missouri and is made up of the duo of Andy Ussery on Bass and Synth and Randy Carrier on Guitar and Vocals.  They also share the programming duties for Me And My Shadow.  The music they create is an electronically driven style of rock n’ roll that blends seamlessly.  Some of the influences they claim are Depeche Mode, Deadsy, Placebo, Deftones, and Strapping Young Lad.  

In addition, the duo has been doing a lot of production work creating music and soundscapes for podcasts, streams, film, and television.  This has opened up new venues for their dynamic sound.  

New Me And My Shadow EP Set For Release This Month

Me And My Shadow has a new EP titled Binary Suns set for physical and online release on April 15th, 2016.  The lead single “The First Power” has already hit the airwaves generating some real excitement.  The song is a powerful blend or raw aggressive rock with strong vocals that reach classic rock heights.  The melodies stay pretty with the industrial sound punching the listener in the gut.  The guitar solo and vocal harmonies thrown in bring back memories of some of the best rock songs of the day.  The emotions are laid right out on the table and Me And My Shadow is not here to make nice.  

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