Rosu Lup Blends Folk with Rock for True Indie Sound

Rosu Lup

A few years ago, if you used the term “Indie” to describe a particular type of music, people might have been confused. While the term used to be a describing factor for lesser known artists, it seems to have branched out into its own genre in the most recent of times.

Now, in 2016, you can hear Indie music featured on popular radio stations and it even has its own genre on Spotify. You simply can’t deny that people cannot get enough of this particular style of music, often calming yet upbeat.

Rosu Lup does quite the amount of justice to the Indie music genre. Formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rosu Lup consists of four young men that all share a passion for the combination of folk and soft rock sounds. Their latest album, Is Anything Real, showcases the highlights of the Indie music genre. The album, which was released on March 18, features 10 tracks.

Rosu Lup Blends Folk and Rock

The first track from the album is aptly titled “Is Anything Real.” Lasting just over 5 minutes, the song starts off with a rhythmic drum beat paired with an electric guitar number that seems to fittingly set the pace for the rest of the song. The lyrics kick in at the 0:39 mark, just after the tempo starts to speed up. This track shows off more of the alternative rock side that the band has to offer, and reels you into the album already, leaving you left wanting more.

The second song, “Hem”, starts off a bit slower than the title track, but it definitely packs a punch when the vocals begin. A soft acoustic sound graces your eardrums, along with the soft strumming of a guitar. The song takes an unexpected turn when the music changes completely 42 seconds into the song.

While it was not an unpleasant change, I would’ve liked more of a smooth transition. I thought at first that the song is skipped, but it is in fact the same track exactly as recorded. The pace is picked up only for a short time, and it slows back down shortly after.

Two and a half minutes into the song, you definitely get more of the Indie vibe, and the song starts to sound similar to a Vance Joy tune. The lack of vocals during this time builds up the intensity of the song, and the soft sound of a violin proves to be a very effective addition.

It’s impossible to talk about Is Anything Real without mentioning “In Dreams”. By far my favorite track from the album, the song starts out with the perfect blend of acoustic guitar and a steady drum rhythm. Soft, alluring vocals lead you quite gracefully, and you can perfectly imagine yourself on a beach on a breezy day under the lightly cloud-dappled sun.

The song seems to remain consistent throughout, occasionally breaking into a more intense sound in which the drumming will escalate and the pace of the guitar will pick up as well. The final minute and a half is the softest segment of the song, leading to a very peaceful and satisfying exit.

Rosu Lup may not be a band that you are currently familiar with, but it is certainly one you won’t want to miss out on any longer.

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