Getting To ‘Know’ Eighty Ninety On YouTube

Brothers Abner and Harper James of the band Eighty Ninety

Eighty Ninety released the music video of their single “Know Me” two weeks after the track’s debut in April. The two brothers are best known for their ambient sound and nostalgic lyrics, soothing listeners into satisfaction.

Eighty Ninety: Two Brothers, 1 Sound

Based in Brooklyn, Abner and Harper James dedicate their lives to music and little else. For example, in an interview with Bands Do Brooklyn, Harper admitted to spending 15 hours each day at one of his favorite recording studios, Degraw Sound. The two brothers combine melodic vocals with piano, guitar, and even banjo to produce romantic scenes in song. The band’s sound is reminiscent of the popular soundtracks to One Tree Hill and The OC. For instance, it fits right in alongside emotive indie pop bands like Dashboard Confessional and Hellogoodbye.

The track “Know Me” stars as the first song Eighty Ninety released in 2020. The banjo adds a comforting touch that feels like returning to one’s childhood home. You can practically feel the tug and release of the tire swing you never had as Abner layers love and support into each breath. He sings, “Sometimes I feel I’m not enough but you are always there to show me—the only one who really knows me.” The brothers explain, “The song is about loving someone through life’s darker moment and how that kind of love can bring hope, meaning, and maybe even redemption in the face of tragedy.”

A Sliver of Comfort During COVID-19

 The video shows Abner as he roams the streets of New York City and the Maine shoreline. He lulls listeners back to safety during golden hour. The release of “Know Me” and its music video could not have come at a better time as tensions rise and the world enters its third month “at home.” Anyone looking for a moment of peace is likely to enjoy Eighty Ninety’s new track.

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