Growing up in a musical family can be a huge boost.  We have all read the studies about how music study helps children become smarter in many other areas as well.  There will obviously be even more opportunities if your father was in a famous band but at the same time some additional hurdles will get in the way.  A true artist pushes through either way to achieve their own success.  Such is the case with our latest find, Gillian Glover.

Gillian Glover

She is the daughter of Roger Glover, bassist for the legendary classic rock band, Deep Purple.  Being in a famous family did create opportunity but it also caused her dad to be away touring often in her early years.  The family moved from England to the US in 1984 and Gillian was able to attend New York University to study painting.  She is a woman full of interests and followed her passion of diving to move to Egypt to become a professional dive instructor.  It was here that the music bug took hold as she joined her first band there.   After bouncing around between NYC, London, and Egypt for a few years, she settled in London in 2001 to follow her music dreams.

An interesting life has often got in the way for Gillian Glover but she has pushed through and now is set to release her second album, Still Life With Music this coming Spring.  Indie Band Guru was able to get a sneak listen to some of the tracks scheduled for the record.  Her sound is difficult to lump into one genre but I think folk-rock would be the closest description.  Closest comparisons could be to other female singer-songwriters such as Lucinda Williams, Beth Orton and Fiona Apple.  The first song we got to hear was ‘As The Crow Flies’, a sweet and stunning song with the lyric “Save me from myself” that was stuck in my head long after the song was over.  This is a catchy and beautiful song.  ‘Fixing A Hole’ is more of a hard-hitting rock style track but still remains pretty with its harmonious background instruments and Gillian’s lovely voice.  The most interesting song has to be ‘Catalina’.  There are many elements here that feel influenced by Gillian’s interest in other cultures and lands.  Again the background soundscape is pretty, yet unique, while Gillian even switches to singing in other languages without so much of a hiccup. Enjoy it here:

After this taste, I am impatiently looking forward to the new album Still Life With Music. To get a tasty sample for yourself go to:

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