Musical influences can come from anywhere that we choose to accept them. Being a traveller and citizen of the world allows a musician to accept the stimulus he receives from his surroundings and turn it into a personal style that can not be copied. Our latest find Glen Neff has bounced around the US and developed a sound that is quite unique.

Glen Neff
The composer,musician,artist,designer & builder was born in New Jersey into a family of talented musicians ranging from his mother’s father who was the 1st violinist in the Philadelphia Philharmonic to his father’s father who was an Ol’ Time Fiddle judge and a mean fiddle player himself. Glen’s upbringing allowed him to experience different locales including Kansas, Colorado, and California. This wide array of influence developed into an enigmatic musical writing style that could be considered New Age psychedelic world music. It is music that is tough to describe but will wrap itself around your brain in quite an interesting way. This is why Glen Neff has been called the Sound Poet.
Recently Glen Neff released the album Bamako. The 9 track record is a journey in sound that will tantalize your mind. The opening title track “Bamako” seems to have sounds from all over the world entwined within. This sets the tone well for what is to follow. “Persianova” is a chill jam with a female vocal that adds to the spaciousness of the song. African Rhythms are brought to the picture on “All Of Nothing” along with an assortment of other sounds including spanish guitar. This is real world music. The closer “Time Machine Dreams” is a slow building soundtrack style song that sounds ominous and intriguing throughout. When you are in the need of a relaxing chill out go enter Glen Neff’s world at:

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