Sometimes life gets in the way and it takes a long time for an artist to release a follow up to a huge hit.  What about if your song became a huge hit, started a new trend, and got so overplayed that many people hope not to hear it when it is only a matter of time until it gets played.  This is the story of Grandmaster Slice, but now he is back.

Gtandmaster Slice

You most likely know his hit song from every wedding you have ever went to.  Grandmaster Slice was the creator of ‘The Electric Slide’.  It was a great simple party hip hop song with a great beat and a dance that accompanied it.  That was 1992.  Problem is that it got so overplayed that I personally can’t stand it anymore (unless I am very drunk and in the mood to do a group line dance).  He had a few other minor hits over the next 10 years with ‘Thinking Of You’ and ‘Strokin’ 2000’ but nothing measured up to that early success.

But now Grandmaster Slice is back with an old school hip hop track that may create some noise in the party scene.  I recently got a chance to listen to ‘Party Over Here’ and it brought me back to an earlier and simpler time.  It is a raw stripped down song with a big beat that lets the listener focus on the lyrical flow of the artist.  This is a far cry from the overproduced and over manipulated rap that we hear today.  ‘Party Over Here’ fits in today as well as it would have fit in 20 years ago.  This is timeless music that puts every listener in a better mood instantly.  I am glad to hear this is just the first track off an upcoming album Time Flies (Timeless Collection) which will include unreleased songs recorded between 1990 & 2013.  Follow Grandmaster Slice on twitter and facebook so you can keep up with it.

Indie Band Guru recommends everyone go give this song a listen and I challenge you not to bop your head and smile.  Go hear for yourself at:

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