Many people outside of Canada don’t realize how vibrant and alive the Canadian music scene is right now.  Ok, we all know of Justin Beiber and Carly Rae Jepson but there is a lot more entertaining music than the bubble gum pop that is all over American radio.  We have recently discovered an energetic blues scene and its Toronto leader Grant Lyle.

Grant Lyle

The blues rock artist is well known to the north and was recently recognized as one of the top 10 Canadian blues artists by Real Blues Magazine based in British Columbia.  Grant Lyle has performed at all the top clubs and blues festivals and has been featured on Canadian television multiple times.  His past seven albums have been very favorable reviewed by the press as well.  It is time for this talent to reach the American Blues scene.

Grant Lyle’s last album So There may be his best work yet. The 12 track record highlights his true passion and ceaseless dedication to the music that he plays.  On songs like ‘Cheri Ann (Long Way To Go)’ he shows off his vocal talent, a sexy vibrato voice that sounds as if it is coated in Maple syrup.  On the other side is ‘Trouble Blues’ an amazing exploration of what Grant can do with a guitar.  The sounds he squeezes out of his instrument are astounding on this instrumental jam.  The crossover breakthrough song of the album could be ‘You’re Killing Me’.  This is a song where Grant puts it all on the table, coercing his guitar to squeal while he touches a deep part of the listener’s soul with his dark vocals.  That is what a true blues artist is able to do with his music. Enjoy the video below:

For a sleepy bad weather weekend we recommend letting yourself into Grant Lyle’s world.  You may never escape.  Listen for yourself here:


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