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Gravel Project

There will always be something special about a band playing music together live. With all the “bedroom” production music taking over the airwaves lately, some of that is becoming lost. The halt on live music over the past couple years definitely had an effect on that but some great bands, like our friends The Gravel Project, have been refining their live skills and are ready to tackle the stage again. New album Many Miles Ahead set for release on February 19th is an example of what a live band is supposed to sound like. 

The Massachusetts based group is comprised of brothers Andrew Gravel (vocals, guitar) and Jordan Gravel (organ, keyboards) along with Dave Fox (drums), Brandon Mayes (percussion, vocals) and new addition master percussionist Eguie Castrillo who has played with the likes of Tito Puente and Jennifer Lopez. Together as The Gravel Project, they create a modern classic rock sound that all music lovers can enjoy.

Known as a phenomenal live band, The Gravel Project has over 500 shows under their belt. They are ready to get back on the stage with a record release show for Many Miles Ahead planned for Feb. 19th at The Fallout Shelter in Norwood, MA. The experience of the band keeps them truly engaging to a crowd.

We got a sneak listen to the new album and are extra excited to see the band play these tracks live. The alum opens with “No More Fire,” a smooth introduction of the pure rock energy that is about to come at you. The tight drums and frolicking guitar set the listener up for a perfect listening experience.

Official Video For ‘Big Deep Blue’ by The Gravel Project

As “Big Deep Blue” opens with some expertly crafted guitar licks, the classic rock vibe takes over. The organ sounds take this a step further. The full sonic spectrum is taken over with percussion and even some horns coming from every corner of the speakers. Some perfect solos show off the talent of the players.Vocally the soaring chorus will lift spirits throughout the room. 

The big echoing guitar and vocals of “Earth Mother” smooth out the sound with a slowed down pace to let us catch our collective breaths. Exotic sounds come from everywhere once again. No rest for the wicked though as the attack of the drums hits hard at the 1 and a half minute mark of the 7 minute song. Get ready for a bumpy ride.

“Saving Up My Love” shows a groovy side of The Gravel Project with a soulful melody taking the lead. The emotion of the vocals lifts this even higher. There is love to be shared, even if the protagonist has to wait a while. That groove though!

The latin vibe that was promised shows its head on “Cool Rain.” Interesting percussion and Santana influenced guitars let us enjoy the cool rain that is falling upon us. The musical talent here is extraordinary. 

The album closes with 3 bonus tracks including the energetic “Funkanee.” This is a funky instrumental track as you may have guessed. The players are set free to let their inner sounds flow with each musician having a turn at the forefront. Again the talent rises above anything you have heard in modern music. I am praying they get down to NYC for a live show soon because this is one I will need to be at.

Keep up with the new music and live schedule of The Gravel Project HERE. You will not be let down.

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