If you have read Indie Band Guru for any amount of time you know that I am always searching for exotic mixes of styles that come together to form something totally original. Straight ahead music can be great but nothing stands out like something you have never heard before. Our latest find has brought us something that hits the mark. Welcome Green Corn Revival to your playlist.

Green Corn Revival

The band from small town Oklahoma has already been called the ‘dark horse’ of country music. There is definitely a country feel but Green Corn Revival can not be described as simply country music. Jared Deck and wife Jacy have roots that go back to the Dust Bowl era of the Midwest and have grown through the ups and downs of that part of America. They express their Oklahoma upbringing with pride and a style that sets them apart with punk and blues rock influences.

Last week Green Corn Revival released the album Bound For Glory. The 11 track record is more than just a collection of songs but instead a dark journey of perseverance, forgiveness and the drive of wanting more. The opener ‘Pyre In The Blood’ has a mellow and slightly eerie buildup of what is to come with its atmospheric background sound and vocals that seem to reach for the center of your soul. The band introduces a dark rockabilly sound on ‘I’m Alive’. The mix of sounds here from the low end guitar to the analog sounding keyboards add a depth to the song that demands multiple listens to take it all in. Lead single ‘Hard Timin’ Monopolizin’ Blues’ blends in some country guitar twang with big sing along style choruses to tell the story of someone who can’t be happy even with what sees to be a pretty good life. Enjoy the excellent video here:

The record slows down at the end to show off supreme musicianship and vocal skills with title track ‘Bound For Glory’ and the acoustic around the campfire ride that is ‘Endless Sky’ which is a perfect way to end this album and attempt to return the listeners mind to a relaxed state. Please go find out what I am talking about for yourself at: http://greencornrevival.com/

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