Getting ideas for songs is a common problem in the world of the songwriter.  One way that this can be avoided is to just keep it simple and write about what is going on in your own life.  Little things that we take for granted can make for some great songwriting.  Someone who seems to have realized this is our latest find J-Luv Da Prince.


The small town Texas songwriter bounces between R&B, rapper and smooth soul singer.  James Jones, aka J-Luv Da Prince, has a true talent in his ability to tell stories with his lyrics.  His uncle once advised him to follow his heart when creating music, insisting: “Boy, write about your life!”  From there J-Luv has been prolific in his songwriting releasing 9 mixtapes since 2009.  All this has developed his style into an original one that has garnered quite a following.

The most recent release by J-Luv Da Prince is last month’s Celebration.  The 16 track record is a greatest hits of sorts pulling together some of the most popular hits of J-Luv’s repertoire.  It opens with the slightly schizophrenic ‘4 Play’.  There is a lot going on in this song with burst of smooth R&B mixed in with sounds from all over the spectrum.  The record goes in a different direction with the rap heavy ’Bitches Losin’ They Mind’.  The beat pushes the track along with a bouncy swagger that will get your toe tappin’.  The anthemic clubber ‘I’m On’ features S.N.A.C.S. deep vocal back and forth with J-Luv over a large wall of sound that will fill up the room.  The album continues with songs showing off J-Luv’s soft vocals such as ‘Cry Out’ and ‘Don’t Give Up’.  If you haven’t heard the music of J-Luv Da Prince this is a perfect place to start.  Go listen at:

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  1. Kay Cox

    You are a great singer that will amuse everyone!