Once music starts to flow and the a pair of talented musicians start to truly mesh it is impossible to turn it off. This kind of raw improvisational music doesn’t happen too often but when it does it is very fun to sit back and listen to the minds of multiple artists meld together to just keep spitting out good songs. We received another visit from Rog And Glenn, whose album Close The Club we reviewed earlier this year.

Rog and Glenn Martians

The duo returns with their second full-length album of the year in Martians which is due for release on December 1st, 2013. The 12 song record is further proof that there is no need to follow the conventional songwriting style to make good music in today’s wide open music industry. Martians moves a little away from the progressive feel of Close The Club and hits more in the new wave psych area of sound with comparisons to They Might Be Giants and Frank Zappa. The opening title track ‘Martians’ offers up an interesting sonic wall that fills the room. The back and forth vocals with creative lyrics such as “You prep the salad, I’ll make dessert” only add to the strangeness but undeniable interest of the song. There is a true funk feel thrown in on ‘Santa Claus Is Mr. Petrey’. The groove will take the listener on a deep ride into Rog And Glenn’s warped world. ‘Without Gravity’ opens with a softer and mellower taste and goes off into a spacey Pink Floyd like emotional trail. There is no being left behind for the listener, you are too far in to turn back now. By the time you get to ‘No More Starr Warz’ your mind is mush but in a good way. Your body just needs to lay there and let the music wash over you like a soft rainfall.

Prepare yourself for what is to come at: http://www.rogglenn.com/

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