We recently had the chance to sit down and interview the band Grenouer.  They have been pounding the Russian music scene for over 20 years and should be heard by the rest of the world.  Enjoy their insights below:


So how did you come up with the name Grenouer?

Alexander ‘Motor’ (guitars): Grenouer is an idiosyncratic name that bears no semantic content other than the name of the band. It definitely has aura and suits us perfectly. The world initially was a modification of Grimoire, a textbook of magic, but there’s intentionally no direct reference anymore.


You call your sound as Adult Oriented Metal. Please explain?

That is obvious similarity to AOR (either Adult Oriented or Album Oriented), which implies listening to the whole album. A lot of young people stick to singles only and lose sight of the ideas and essence of complex approach, while each song has unique background and blend of emotions, contributing to the coherency of the album. One great song is important, but the whole album is far more important! So, GRENOUER’s metal is designated for a careful listener.


What music and influences would you say was the basis for your sound?

I enjoy the bands that use contrasts, thus during 90’s I was blown away by Korn, Deftones, Medication, Sevendust and Linkin Park, due to spicy combination of heaviness and softness. I also like experiments of Depeche Mode and Duran Duran, aggression of Fear Factory, sensuality of Sixx A.M. and Methods of Mayhem, and a lot of other bands of various genres! Still, Grenouer has never imitated anyone or anything, we follow our own left hand path. Inspiration derives from emotions, spirits and ability to find a solution, a perfect wedding of tradition and innovation.


What are the crowds like at your live shows. Who is the typical fan?

The best option is an individual aged over 18, interested in rock and meal music, friendly, open-minded and reasonably anxious. That makes a really supportive and reliable fan. In return, we respect everyone who comes to Grenouer shows, no matter where the venue is crowded or not.


The band Grenouer has been around for a long while. How has the band changed and adapted over the years?

Grenouer underwent through serious line-up and music changes. Just imagine that twenty years ago the band played death metal, yet today it is a modern rock/alternative metal act. I am proud that we have managed to go through natural evolution, and that these days Grenouer brings music to a wider range of listeners, and a lot of people find our new songs very impressive. Yet, Grenouer did not adapt, we just did what we wanted.


Your album covers have always been amazing to look at. Who comes up with the ideas and who does the artwork?

Grenouer cooperates with different designers and every time it is fairly different case.

Sometimes ideas are generated by ourselves, sometimes we suggest only minor updates. This or that way, it is an intriguing stage of the production, and achieving a colorful result always draws up the agenda. Methods might be different, but in most cases we do have a clue. For the latest release we have to thank Didier Scohier, Artcore Design, whose portfolio includes frontcovers for Cinderella, Asia and Richie Kotzen.


Being born and raised in New York myself, I have never had the chance to visit Russia. Is the music scene open to innovative and long running metal bands there?

Russian scene can hardly be called innovative. Rather the reverse, it depends upon either current trends or standards. Innovation means confronting the majority. Nevertheless, Grenouer just never wanted to be particularly Russian (not to mention that we disrespect Russian politicians). We differ from all other Russian bands willing to be the part of the global scene, making music as best as we can, investing our own money, time and efforts.


I know Grenouer plays a lot of shows and festivals. How do you stay fresh after such a long successful career?

The best principle is to keep learning and moving. Every riff that I play incarnates any experience be it literature, fashion, travelling or cooking. Pure surge of emotions, thoughts and perception has impact on songs. It is breathtaking to bring our music to the world, and we are eager to proceed, and that is not a hobby but a call of nature. At the time being Grenouer is working over new material, spasms of creativity helps us to stay fresh.


Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you very much for the interview, for your time and interest! I wish you and readers all the best! Check our social pages, meet you on tour and NO WAR!!!








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