The excitement for a musician when they release their first music to the world is hard to describe.  There is a certain amount of nervousness included too but the extreme elation of putting your own personal music to an album outweighs the trepidation.  We were happy to receive the first music from new group Seashaped.


The UK based duo only formed in the spring of 2013 but their passion has led to a large output of songs.  They draw on a wide range of influences to create a type of sound that is funky yet mellow with a thoughtful vibe.  The excitement transfers well to the music as well as a professionalism that seems much more mature than their short time together as a band.

This month Seashaped releases their debut album A Pill For Everything.  The 11 track record fills the gamut of styles for what a 2-piece can accomplish.  The opener “Hilary” creates an atmospheric vibe filled with random sounds behind sweet female vocals that seem to warm the room.  The song “Windowsill” jumped out at me as a rocker with an edge.  They add some harmonies to keep it heartwarming as well.  The funk that hits the listener on “Kitchen Party” is a wake up call to get up and shake your ass.  These two can go in any direction that they choose.  They use their synthesized sounds extremely well.  Keep an eye on this young and striving band at:

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