One of the most amazing things about music is the ability to be original.  People that are willing to challenge the pop norm with their music will always intrigue me.  Make music for yourself and not to fit into some square box that the industry has set up for you.  Our latest artist hits this mark.  Welcome Dark Matter to your world.

Dark Matter

The Cincinnati based experimental rap project is an alter ego that is unafraid to spit dark and sometimes psychopathic verses.  He has seen the sheep that have spread across the music world and aims to lead some of them to a new frontier with his music.

Earlier this month Dark Matter released the album Fur Fur My God.  The 8 track record dives into a deep reality whether you are ready for it or not.  The opener “Awakened” is a collection of noise born in a echo chamber to prepare the listener for the descent.  “Dashed Memories” bounces along with a strong beat accompanied by atmospheric sound.  The lyrics are troubling and difficult to listen to at times not because they are bad but because they are dee and real.  The dark trend continues with a wall of sound to match on tracks like “Earth Is A Panopticon” and “Entranced By Suicide”.  Dark Matter’s vocal style is dry and in your face while being unapologetic.  If you feel you are ready for a darkly emotional listen, play the album at:

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