Hardened and Tempered Welcomes You Along In The Trailer

hardened and Tempered

From the days of the first song, the goal was to tell a story. With some of the mainstream artists, this path has since been lost. Our recent find Hardened and Tempered focuses on that lost storytelling tradition. They allow the listener to live an interesting life through their songs.

The musical duo is based in Austin, Texas. Hardened and Tempered is made up of Kristin Davidson and Carolyn Phillips. Together they create a country-folk sound that can fill a room. H&T is unafraid to share an intimate look at their own human condition. Diving deep into their own past and creating stories for the future is commonplace for the duo.

What began as weekly jam sessions to release some of the stress from their day jobs turned into a full escape into a better place. Kristin and Carolyn started realizing that others could be helped with their music. Hardened and Tempered were born.

After some soul searching and traveling inspiration, they have released their debut album The Trailer Sessions. They are coming out swinging. The 11 track record was produced by Grammy award-winning producer and Austin City Limits Hall of Fame member, Lloyd Maines.

Come Along For The Ride With Hardened and Tempered

The opener “My Wildest Ride” puts the country energy right out front. This is going to be a joyful and fun listen. On “Hard Winds” H&T slow it down some. This allows the listener to really focus on the superior songwriting and relatable lyrics.



There is a lot going on in “House Of The Soiled Dove.” The straight bass beat puts a tap in your toes while the guitars and other instruments twirl around meshed with lyrics to paint a picture of a place you are not exactly sure if you want to visit. The vocals are the true feature on “Family Secrets.” There is real emotion shared that allows the listener to become a part of the family. Dysfunctional as it may be.

The album closes with “Path Already Paved” and its sweet melody leaving us with a warm and cozy feeling. The beat keeps us in the pocket as lap steel and picked acoustic guitar mellows us all out for some real relaxation.

Everyone is welcome to join in the journey with Hardened and Tempered. Keep up on their WEBSITE.