Being different will always be a key to becoming a success in the music business.  Lazy people will listen and follow the bands that just spit out the same old revamped music of their predecessors, but those fans will jump to the next “big” thing as soon as it comes along forgetting all about the flavor of last month.  Creating something new, provocative, and somewhat shocking will gain true fans that will stand by and support you for your full career.  One artist who seems to be building this type of rabid fanbase is HER.


The New York City native (also known as Monique) has been developing her own personal genre for a long time now.  She began writing music at 9 years old and had her first gig at legendary punk venue CBGB’s at the tender age of 13.  There was no turning back from there as the music bug had its claws deep in HER.  Since then she has performed in thousands of bars, clubs, and even arenas opening for big name stars such as Kid Rock, REO Speedwagon, and Big And Rich.  HER’s sound is a unique mix of early influences from the classic rock, country, and hip hop genres.  This uniqueness has created a bigger than life personality to go along with HER music.

Yesterday HER released a preview of her newest album Gold through her facebook page for her followers to hear.  The 10 track record covers a wide variety of sound to make sure HER stands out to everybody.  The record starts off with the funky and funny party feel of ‘Mine All Mine’ and ‘Tramp Stamp’.  Lyrics that put a smirk on the corner of your mouth as you try not to laugh at the stories.  On ‘(Come On) America’ she shows off a hard rock energy with a singable chorus and a guitar solo that brings back memories of great classic rock.   The title track ‘Gold’ leans more toward HER’s outlaw country side with twangy guitars and southern slang vocals.  The listener will definitely like some songs more than others but there is music and energy on this album for everyone.  Go get a taste for yourself at:

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