The Holographic Children Gives Us ‘Pleasure’ in New Interview

Holographic Children

It seems to be a simple fact that music exists to help people in different aspects of thier life. It can be the outlet that a person needs at a dark time or the joy that adds to their current state of happiness. Even deeper is the artists that uses creating music to help them out of thier shell.

Our recent find The Holographic Children has done that to reach new heights of psychotic collage music. His latest track “Pleasure” is an interesting entry point into his world.

This project by The Holographic Children delivers thought-invoking lyrics in his own unique style while a minimalistic wall of sound is built behind it. The mind of the listener can enter a trance-like state as the artist takes full control of your mind for the full 3 minutes and 17 seconds of the song.

We caught up with the innovative artist to dive deeper into his world. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, tell us about the name The Holographic Children?

The name came about while my friend and I are having a smoke session. I was telling him that my music will most likely be appreciated by stoners and would like to have the name of the project abbreviated as T.H.C. 

At the time I was also writing a story (or lore) from where my music could stem from. It’s about an astronaut creating music in space singing to the simulation of the dead human civilization imprinted and recorded on a computer. It’s a space odyssey/post-apocalyptic tale. 

Then my friend asked “How about ‘The Holographic Children'”? 

And I said…


How would you describe your sound?

It is a collection of sounds from all the music that I love. Sometimes I can’t really decide what genre to place my music because I see all the different influences from a diverse pool of artist.

However, I see genres as mostly cultures and for marketing. When I create my sounds I pull from many genres and shape it into my own. The truth is I don’t want to be put in a box because I’m making collages.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

Oh man…this is a question that has a lot of history. 

When I started making music I emulated Apple Orchard, Belle and Sebastian, Camera Obscura, the Pixies and the Smiths. After that I was inspired by Joy Division and Bloc Party so I started making post-punk.

I always looked for music that was pushing some type of boundary. I don’t like songs that didn’t take some guts. 

Now I listen to a lot of Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, Death Grips, and Frank Ocean. I also wanted to be Gorillaz for a while – hence the story I was creating for the music. Almost any music that I like or love is an influence on me. 

I put their sounds in my toolbox.

How does a song come together for you? What is your songwriting process?

Writing a song takes me a lot of time. 

The first band I was a part of was in sophomore year of highschool. I was the guitarist of the band but didn’t know how to play. None of us did, but we created anyways. I used to take Belle and Sebastian songs and replace the lyrics with my own. After that I would write the guitar for it.

When that band broke up I tried to start other bands but kept getting discouraged by the experience.

However I realized that the way I learned how to play the guitar and write songs is by creating and recording. So what I would do is record voice memos of song melodies and lyrics on my phone. I would write the lyrics down then step away from them. While the song is in the ether I would try to rewrite the songs from scratch as my form of editing. 

Only the lyrics that are memorable would stick.

I would sit on songs for a long time and let them slip into the back burner. I imagine and play with all the instrumentation in my head before going back to it, and when I finally do, I have a bunch of new ideas which I try out.

Once I get in the zone I record them in my computer. I start with guitar then lay down drums, bass, maybe piano, maybe not. I then re-record the guitars to play to the beat. Vocals are always last. I do a lot of takes. I record over and over again until I get the best performance. I don’t like punching in because I want to play the full song from beginning to end. That is my way of practicing. I get better each take and each song.

What do you hope the listener will take out of a THC song?

I hope that they hear it in the right moment and right time.

I’ve always had an interesting relationship with music. There are so many songs I wish that I had written myself. There are songs that have helped me through break-ups, losing loved ones, and have eased the suffering in my life because it gives me inspiration.

I hope that people connect with it.

Share some advice for other artists creating something unique?

You are the channel for your art and not the source. The source is the sea of all songs and content out there. You may think you’re creating something new but really you have just created a tasty dish out of last night’s left-overs.

Collect sounds.

Second is to use your imagination. This is something inspired by Einstein and Tesla’s quotes. Your imagination is limitless. Use it to make music and art. Use it to create the life you want. Use it to hone your muscles, to brush your teeth, and wipe your butt.

Use it for good.

What does the future hold for The Holographic Children?

I’m working on an album. The working title is “Pink Pleasure Loveseat”. I’m also working with the label I’m part of “Wave Gang Worldwide” founded by San Francisco rapper Medium Franc.

As far as my imagination of the future:

I’d be making music and art with a higher production especially when it comes to music videos. I’d be playing tours, selling merch and making enough money to make music as my living. I’d be collaborating with Gorillaz, Frank Ocean, and Ian Curtis’ ghost. I would be helping other artist in the world by developing them from insecurity into infamy, and I’d be helping solve the world of homelessness and hunger.

As far as the future reality of tomorrow:

I’d be working my 9-5 job.

Live your dream man. Music will take you wherever you want.
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