THREE EYES Enter ‘New Realms’ With New Record


Instrumental electronic composer Three Eyes, a.k.a. Jewel Marsh, is a one-person creative force who makes music that sticks to the walls of your soul. Three Eyes deftly blurs genre lines and crosses philosophical boundaries to achieve a sound that is spacious and modern. Marsh delivers a moody, synth-heavy vibe on the new four-song EP New Realms that comes out July 12th, 2019, displaying a wide-ranging creative vision that’s haunting and beautiful. The music here shows traces of lush dream pop, spacey electronica, and shoegaze sounds mixed with elements of hip-hop, trap, and more that combine to become a poetic soundtrack to the modern world. 

Working out of San Francisco, California, Three Eyes keeps most details of their identity out of sight, which keeps all attention on the music being made. This adds a mysterious noir factor to the tracks that only increases the late-night feel these tracks impart. “Old Hex #3” is sensuously ambient and grooves with dark, minor key authority. The song walks tall until the last 30 seconds when it breaks down to a single electric piano part that makes the ending contemplative and emotive. 

“Myth Made Real” is constructed over a gentle funk beat that increases intensity over time. The bass line in the larger sections works well and gives the track a good sense of motion. It’s only a bit over two minutes in length but is cool and compelling. Three Eyes has a touch for layering synths and other instruments in a way that never feels overcrowded. Enough air is left between the voices to allow each one to make its point clearly.

Enjoy The Journey With Three Eyes

“Love Theme From The Bottom Of A Well” is especially effective and cinematic. The drums have a trap quality to them that warps the melodic and chordal material above them slightly and keeps every moment interesting. 
Overall, New Realms is a strong EP from an artist with a unique and intimate sensibility. Don’t mistake it for background jams just for its lack of vocals. Three Eyes is absolutely trying to tell us all something important. We just need to be sharp enough to understand.

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