Doll Skin Releases Killer New Album of Empowerment

Doll Skin

You’re early twenties is a time for discovery and reinvention. It’s a time to experiment with identity and find your voice as an individual along the way. Embracing this period of transformation, alternative hard rock band Doll Skin is using their emerging voice to speak out for those who have not yet found their own or feel silenced by the loud world we live in.

Composed of Sydney Dolezal (vocals), Alex Snowden (guitar), Nicole Rich (bass), and Meghan Herring (drums) who are all under the age of 22, the colorfully edgy group first came together out of Phoenix in 2013 with the goal of competing in a local battle of the bands show. Winning by a landslide, the four girls caught the attention of David Ellefson who offered to manage the band after keeping tabs on their progress for a year. Continuing to garner well-deserved attention, Doll Skin later signed with Hopeless Records and released their first EP, In Your Face, in 2015. Since then, the band has added two full length albums to their discography including the most recent release: Love Is Dead And We Killed Her.

Taking over the World One Track at a Time

As a band, Doll Skin is the complete embodiment of “girl power” and is striving to reach their goal of world domination through girl domination. From assigning a female persona to the concept of love to the badass intensity brought forth in each of the 11 songs, the album represents these goals in a fun yet powerful way. Right off the bat, the first track “Don’t Cross My Path” sets a tone of empowerment for the album by stating “this is a song for everyone” in the opening lyrics. The loud vocals pair with the dynamic energy of the drums and guitar revealing a heavy punk composition that is bound to send you searching for the nearest mosh pit.

Though each track displays its own, unique message, the impact of trauma including the eventual triumph over it remains a constant theme across the album. Considering how intimately listeners can relate to Love Is Dead And We Killed Her as well as Doll Skin’s previous releases, it comes as no surprise that the group has been a massive hit on tours across the country.

Their live performance resume includes experience supporting names such as The Dead Kennedys, Creeper, Flogging Molly, Lacey Sturm, in addition to securing highly coveted spots at Vans Warped Tour 2017 and 2018. This year, Doll Skin is continuing their mission to spread girl power nationwide as they hit the road yet again while working to achieve world domination with events across Europe as well.

After recently wrapping up their North American leg of the tour supporting New Found Glory, Real Friends and The Early November, Doll Skin is taking a brief hiatus before returning to the international stage this September. Crossing through six countries over the span of 13 shows, Doll Skin will be supporting Trash Boat starting in Zurich, Switzerland on 9/1 and closing in Glasgow, Scotland on 9/15. With an album as captivating as Love Is Dead And We Killed Her to carry us through the rest of the summer, fall will be here in no time and with any luck, will bring more from Doll Skin along with it.

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