“Homey” Tour Brings CHON fans to Detroit in the perfect summer show

Chon Saint Andrews Hall Detroit

Concerts where you go in knowing little about what the crowd or music will be like is one of my favorite ways to find new music. Some of my new favorite artists have come from opening acts I knew nothing about. For me, I knew very little about CHON before seeing them in Detroit last week and quickly I grew to become a big fan.

The tour follows the release of CHON’s second full-length album, “Homey” out via Sumerian Records on June 16, 2017.

Stopping in 24 cities across the US, their headlining tour is supported by Tera Melos, Covet and Little Tybee.

CHON stopped at Saint Andrews Hall in downtown Detroit on June 13, just a few days before the release of “Homey”. The venue has served legendary breakthrough acts such as Iggy Pop, Nirvana, Adele and Detroit native Eminem. Maybe CHON is the next big group to have played this venue.

After walking into the venue, I knew it was bound to be an interesting show. Nearly everyone in the venue had a beer in their hands and everyone seemed to know everyone or made new acquaintances very quickly in the smaller sized venue.

After Covet and Tera Melos were done with their sets, it was a decently quick set change to CHON. The crowd was eager to see CHON take the stage and chanted the trio’s name over and over. With the summery stage set up, lit palm trees, and a light setup that made summer in an otherwise dark venue, CHON took the stage with a loud roar from the crowd.

“What’s up Detroit”, echoed through the sound system and over the crowd.

Chon Saint Andrews Hall Detroit

The group began playing their instrumental only music, full of melodic riffs played on guitar over a thumping bassline and drums that darken up the sounds. Underneath a canopy of electronic-tinged soundscapes and lush guitar mastery, you can feel the Southern California coast come to life. The fill the room with noise that everyone there can take a liking too. It’s very easy to listen to. But, at the same time it’s so complex and you can just rock out to it.

The crowd was bobbing along to every beat. Some were enjoying the music so much they would just but out dancing. Some were jumping along with their hats waving around in their hands. One person even took over their shoes and waved those around in the tightly packed crowd. One after the other people wanting to crowd surf were up on top of the crowd for only a few second each before they were absorbed back down.

For CHON’s latest single “Waterslide,” everyone danced around and had a great time. From the sound and lighting guys to the security trying to find the disappearing crowd surfers, no one in that room was standing still. Everyone had their hands in the air and didn’t show a care about anything else in the world except the music.

The entire set was filled with nothing but talent from the group. As someone who had only listened to a few songs before the show, I was instantly turned into a fan. CHON made everyone there have a great time and showed them their raw talent in rock centered, guitar driven instrumental music.

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Check out CHON’s music video for “Waterslide”

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