The Houseband & The Bride Will Soon Be ‘In My Dreams’

The Houseband & The Bride

The most memorable and influential music will always come from the heart. An artist must be willing to talk about real life situations and thier own emotions dealing with those events. Our recent find The Houseband & The Bride takes this seriously on their new record In My Dreams.

The indie-pop trio based in Rome consists of Valerio Fedele, Andrea Cristallini and Marco Primavera. Together they produce a dreamy, folk influenced sound that provides a calm aura that welcomes the listener in. The instrumentation shows off a real talent that these three can meld together effortlessly. 

For thier first self-produced record In My Dreams the band tries to share “coping with real-life situations while having an imaginative mind.” Right from the start The Houseband & The Bride welcomes us to their warm and cozy sound with opener “The Poison Paradox”. The vocals are just as warm and inviting. On “The Rebel” the energy gets turned up just a bit with a quicker tempo but the sound remains comfortable.

Interesting Album cover art by WAR

The title track “In My Dreams” lays down a very pretty acoustic blanket that covers the whole song with an intimate tone. The storytelling vocals draw the listener in close. Full attention is granted to take it all in.

There is a slightly darker vibe to “In My Room” as the full sonic space is filled with a backdrop of big sound. The breakdown in the middle including children either laughing or crying gives way to a second part of the track that stays dark but offers hope and positivity. “Knocked remains in this dark vibe in a much more stripped-down way. The elegance is highlighted by a pretty guitar solo. 

The album concludes with the much peppier “We Roll”. A picked ukelele blends with an assortment of exotic instruments to share a feeling of happiness even though there seems to be an unsure love story of loss in the lyrics. Again the beauty will be the piece that leaves us with a heart full of hope. 

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